Faculty, professional consultants, and ePortfolio consultants may come to individual classes, upon invitation, and speak with cadets about the Writing Center and register cadets with our online appointment system.


Consultants will communicate with faculty to ensure that they tailor the presentation for each classroom’s needs and requirements. Presentation will be tailored for each class, so it is recommended that you contact us and we can determine what time frame is realistic for the class visit. If you would like to invite someone to introduce your class to the ePortfolio, it is best to schedule a one hour visit. We are happy to come in for multiple visits, if needed.


We have conducted presentations introducing cadets to the Writing Center, using ePortfolios, identifying and correcting errors in papers, integrating secondary sources effectively and ethically, and designing engaging Prezis. We are excited to work with you on presentations for your classroom.


The staff and I look forward to working with you and your cadets during this academic year.